Vegan Pregnancy at Six Weeks

Vegan Pregnancy at Six Weeks

Written February 7, 2018, 9:59pm.

Vegan Pregnancy Week Six

It is week 6. We got our first ultrasound yesterday. I was surprised that they wanted to do it that fast. But I wasn’t going to argue. I have already been nauseous with very minor cramping for 2 weeks now and I would prefer to be overeager rather than under eager. Having had a miscarriage last July, I am not at all opposed to being overzealous, nothing wrong with that. However, the ultrasound didn’t show us much. Just a “tiny little bean”, as my husband says, measuring in at .25 cm.


Vegan Pregnancy at Six Weeks
Vegan Pregnancy at Six Weeks

Our New Reality

It doesn’t yet seam real. And I have not told any of my friends or family. I feel protective. The miscarriage was really tough. People get so excited and they want do so much, which of course is wonderful, but I just want to sit with this new reality for awhile. Just me, my husband and our dogs. We will sit and create a safe and quiet nest for our baby to land when he/she is ready. We will cultivate love and tenderness and laughter and joy and so as the next few weeks go by, our “little bean” will feel only these things emanating toward him/her. And he/she will know they are loved and that it is time to come home to us.

How Acupuncture Can Help

The only person I ended up telling was my acupuncturist and, truthfully, I think she is one of the reasons we got pregnant this time. The miscarriage happened in July and my body and periods were not quite right even as far as November. I clotted for each period through August, September and October. It started to get back to normal in November. We were trying all the while just in case. I didn’t see any reason to stop trying. I know certain sources said not to try for 3-6 months. However, other sources I read said it didn’t matter. I figured and I still do figure that my body knows. It always knows. So, if my body wasn’t ready to get pregnant, then it wouldn’t.

By the time December rolled around, I figured it was time. It had been a good 5 months and I assumed my body would be ready. But my ovulation day came and went and then my period came the day after Christmas. I was much more upset than I had anticipated. I found myself crying my eyes out in the Starbucks parking lot as my husband reassured me we would keep trying and that everything was going to be ok. I was pretty inconsolable though. Once I set my mind to something, the tunnel vision starts and I am moving in that direction no matter what.

So, of course, I had to do something. Even if it just meant “feeling” like I was doing something. I mean, what can I really do? I know there are all sorts of Western medical resources, but I wasn’t interested in those. Not yet anyway. So, I turned my Eastern medicine friend, Astra. I’ve been getting acupuncture from her for about 5 years now. She has helped me through so much: stress at work, my broken foot, the recovery of my broken foot, anxiety over money, all of it. So, January 3rd, I was scheduled to see her. I told her our plans of getting pregnant and she gave me a great session and set me up with a great new vitamin combo of B12/Iron/Folate. It is a liquid dropper and so it’s easy to ingest. I am known to be anemic with or without meat in my diet, so the iron is needed.

Five Days Late On My Period

My ovulation day was on my calendar as January 2nd. But of course, I made daily appointments with my husband that entire week. My acupuncture appointment was on the 3rd. I remember going for a run on the 4th of January and getting an overwhelming wave of nausea. So much so, that I had to stop and bend over, I thought I was going to throw up. Now, I have no real idea what that was, but I like to think it was something!

My period was supposed to come 2 weeks later, of course, and by Tuesday, I was one day late. I had my next appointment with Astra that day and she made sure to set me up with a pattern in such a way that would support me if I actually was pregnant. By Friday, I still had not gotten my period and I started to really wonder. It must be understood that to have gone through a miscarriage can make a woman hesitant and I have no problem with that. It gave me more peace to be cautious than it would have to rush forward. So, I took my time. By Saturday, I was a full 5 days late. Luke and I went to the drug store and rushed home to take the test and… it was positive!

Eating Greens During Pregnancy

So, now I am six weeks. I am focusing heavily on eating my greens, fruits and veggies. I am only taking the liquid vitamins that Astra suggested. I am not taking a multivitamin. I am still eating oatmeal for breakfast with nuts and fruits. A green salad with grains for lunch and greens and veggies for dinner. I haven’t cut out coffee, but I never really overdid that anyway. I am still drinking kombucha sometimes and eating chocolate. I am intensely craving the kind of food I used to eat when I was sick as a kid: ginger ale, oyster crackers, soup, pudding, ice cream, rice. So, I’ve made soup the last two nights. Just a quick pot of vegan bouillon cube and kale. Tonight I added a few extra veggies like tomatoes, lentils, celery, broccoli and carrots.

We are on our way! I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks have in store!

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