How to Stop Nausea from Pregnancy

How to Stop Nausea from Pregnancy

Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea during my pregnancy has been almost debilitating at times. I have left work twice so far and if you know me, you know that it must be really bad if I am leaving work. I have tried so many things to help relieve it and while most of them do not relieve it completely, I have found a few things that definitely help. Below is my list, in order of efficacy.

11 Tips to Help Relieve Nausea

  1. Lemon water
  2. SeaBands bracelets (click here)
  3. Breathe long and slow breaths
  4. Meditate
  5. Accupuncture
  6. Ginger Ale
  7. Hard Candies
  8. Crackers or pretzels throughout the day
  9. Keep a full stomach
  10. Aromatherapy (peppermint and lavender are my favorite)
  11. B12 / B6 liquid supplement

Here are a few of the products I tried:

Lemon water

For the lemon water, I tired several variations. Sometimes just a bit of lemon juice with water and ice was great. I used both real lemons or bottled concentrated lemon juice. Other times, I ended up adding a bit of Stevia to make a lemonade.

SeaBands bracelets (click here)

I actually wore these every day for about 5 weeks. The trick, I found, was to move them three finger spaces below the wrist crease as that is where the accupressure point for nausea is. I truly found these to be helpful. I think in part that was because, throughout the day, I would often put extra pressure on the points and take my deep breaths. Also, they were only $6 and part of me wondered if maybe it wasn’t all just phycological. For $6, it didn’t matter to me if I was making it all up! They seemed to help and that was good enough for me!

Breathe long and slow breaths

This one is a favorite for so many reasons! It is truly a relaxing practice and can be incorporated in your daily life whether you are pregnant or not and whether you are experiencing nausea or not. I take 10 very, very deep breaths where I push my stomach out as far as it can possibly go while inhaling and I hold that inhale for as long as possible. Then I do the same on the exhale and gently expel all the air from my lungs. I do this for at least 10 times in a row and it completely relaxes and reignites my entire body!


This is another daily practice that does not need to be restricted to symptoms of pregnancy or nausea. Meditation is essential. It has been proven that meditation can help reset the entire body and heal it’s ailments in a way that no medicine can. I try to do at least 10 minutes of meditation per day on my meditation pillow at home. I find that when I give my practice a “home”, like on my meditation pillow, it’s ritualistic effects have a deep impact on me. I actually have 2 meditation pillows so I can have 2 different spots to choose from in my house. Outside of the pillows, I do not have anything in the way of adornments or trinkets. I like to keep it as simple as possible.


I love accupuncture and have been going for 5+ years for various reasons. It always helps. I think the #1 way in which it helps is to relieve stress. From the moment the session begins I can literally feel my tension decrease. By the time I am lying on the table, my heartrate has decreased and I am completely relaxed. This is such a great addition to meditation and deep breathing.

Ginger Ale

So, I grew up in Detroit which is, some will say, the true birthplace of the real ginger ale. We always had ginger ale at home and at every restaurant we went to when I was a kid. I was astonished to find, after I moved to California, that it was a regional beverage! Over the years, its has definitely popped up a lot more (in a much purer and healthier form, I might add) which is great because ginger has such wonderful healing powers! Anyway, it really does soothe my stomach and I found it helpful in decreasing the nausea.

Hard Candies

Now, this trick was helpful, but I partly think it’s because it distracted me. If you are averse to sugar, obviously avoid this one. I do not mind sugar in small doses, since I make sure to pick unrefined and natural sugars. These particular candies were the simplest ones I could find. They definitely got my mind off the nausea and gave me a bit of relief.

Crackers or pretzels throughout the day

I did not love doing this as I don’t think crackers or pretzels are particularly healthy. However, it did help to keep my stomach full throughout the day. I found it difficult to eat light foods like fruits or salads, so, unfortunately, heavy carbs was what I turned to. It didn’t last long, however, and I am back to eating salads and fruit. So, don’t worry! Throughout the course of your entire pregnancy you and your baby will have time get all the nutrients you need!

Keep a full stomach

For me, this meant eating. A lot. I didn’t even try to eat small meals. I just simply ate all day long. Now, I have never been a fast food or junk food eater, so generally, my food choices always err on the side of super healthy. For me, keeping a full stomach meant toast with butter (vegan) or peanut butter, rice, pasta. These foods still have nutrients, like protein and fiber, but they did help settle my stomach and keep it full.


Aromatherapy (peppermint and lavender are my favorite)

I actually bought 2 aromatherapy machines that plug into the wall and emit my aromas for me. One for the bedroom, one for the living room. I have also been known to simply dab a bit of the oil on a piece of clothing and/or the back of my hand so it was easily accessible and the smell lingered with me all day. Honestly, after a couple weeks, the smells started to have the opposite effect and made the nausea worse! But they did work while I could tolerate them.

B12 / B6 liquid supplement

I take a B Complex and have for quite sometime. I use a liquid tincture that I mix with a Tbsp or so of water and drink. While I didn’t see immediate effects from these supplements, I have heard from several sources, that in general they help. They are also essential supplements for anyone who does not eat a lot of meat or does not eat meat at all.

Emotional Effects of Nausea

If you’re dealing with nausea from pregnancy, I feel for you! While it is a physical issue, there were also emotional side effects that made my spirits very low. The emotional downsides were that I simply didn’t have the energy or interest in exercises or activities of any kind, which in turn, made me feel a bit sad and depressed. I mostly just wanted to lie down and curl up under the covers all day. I do have a full time job, however, so that was not an option! Every day I got dressed and made it to work.

So, keep plowing forward and try to keep your eye on the prize! It will be over soon! Please feel free to reach out if you need anything at all during this time! I can be contacted on my contact page.

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