Vegan Restaurants in Austin Texas

Vegan Restaurants in Austin Texas

Vegan Restaurants in Austin Texas

Here a few of my favorite vegan restaurants in Austin, Texas. I divided them up into Vegan/ Vegetarian or Has Vegan Options. The last of which would be a great choice to take family or visiting friends so you can all eat!
There a many more! I will keep adding as they come in!

Totally Vegan

Skull and Cakebones (Totally Vegan)
Bakery and Cafe
They have a great cafe menu now to go along with their long-loved baked goods, many of which can be found in local grocery stores. The brick & mortar is located just outside of town on 290. I haven’t been yet, but I can’t wait to go!

Beer Plant (Totally Vegan)
Dine-in, Sit-down
This is excellent vegan cuisine. We always take our out-of-town meat-eater guests here and they have always loved it. The fish n’ chips is a favorite for the conventional carnivore. My only complaint is that I have never left here in under an hour. So, don’t go here if you’re in a rush because they aren’t! But all the food is amazing, from the appetizers to the desserts!

Juiceland (Totally Vegan)
Juice Bar and Grab & Go
Made to order juices with great grab and go salads, sandwiches, wraps, cookies and treats. Best for a light lunch or on-the-go healthy choice.

Happy Vegan Baker (Totally Vegan)
Packaged Savory Goods
I love these grab and go goods. They can be found in various local grocery stores. I see them at Fresh Plus Grocery store all the time. I have also seen them at the Farmer’s Market downtown sometimes. The mac n’ chz is great and the kale salad is so delicious!

Rabbit Food Grocery (Totally Vegan)
Grocery Store
I could not be more thrilled that this store is re-opening very soon up in Tarrytown. An ALL VEGAN grocery store!?! So exciting!

Casa de Luz (Totally Vegan)
Dine-in, Sit-down
This place is the OG. Seriously. It was one of the first (if not THE first) vegan joint in town. They serve one meal with a salad and soup. It is cafeteria stye, so there is a daily menu instead of a long list of menu options like a regular restaurant. It is DELICIOUS, so you won’t care that you didn’t get dozens of options. I promise. AND it’s all organic! And it’s based in macrobiotics. And they cook in front of you! And there’s dessert! There is community vibe here, so you may not end up sitting alone at a table. So, if talking to strangers at a community table freaks you out, go sit facing the wall. Just kidding. It’s actually really quiet and meditative here. You may come to find that you feel at peace here and that talking to other people isn’t so scary (or annoying). The walk up is the best, especially if it’s at night when the garden lights are on.

Counter Culture (Totally Vegan)
Dine-in, Sit-down
Another staple! Was this the 2nd vegan joint in Austin? It just might have been. You will never fail ordering anything from here. It’s all good, reliable, vegan food.

Cool Beans (Totally Vegan)
Food Trailer
Tacos. And I hear they are amazing! I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t been yet! I can’t believe it. I know. I will… I swear.

Capital City Bakery (Totally Vegan)
I probably go here too much. But good god. It’s so damn good. Please, bring your diehard dairy lovers and see if they can tell the difference. This place is insanely good. They also have all sorts of nut milk coffee drinks and vegan pop tarts. I mean, come on! Don’t go here if you’re on a diet. You’ll suffer.

Bistro Vonish (Totally Vegan)
Food Trailer
This trailer really needs it’s own brick & mortar. It is fine food. I can easily imagine them in a very nice sit down establishment serving elegant 3-5 course meals to people who were gladly waiting hours to be seated. This would be the case too, if America loved vegan food as much as they love meat. Nevertheless, their food is superb. Well done, rich in flavor and deeply thoughtful.

BBQ Revolution (Totally Vegan)
Food Trailer
Hot damn. Another favorite of mine! And another trailer that needs a brick & mortar! Diehard, down and dirty, real and serious BBQ right here. No joke. Go try it. Just go. Stop everything and go. Even served with white bread, pickles and onions.

The Vegan Nom (Totally Vegan)
Food Trailer
I seriously find myself driving across town several times a week sometimes to get these damn tacos. And although I can only ever really eat two, I always order three, just in case and then, of course, I eat that one too. The Three Amigos taco, that’s my fav!

Sweet Ritual (Totally Vegan)
Dine-in, Sit-down
An all vegan ice creamery? Yep. Another one you have to see. And again, bring your dairy-loving friends. See if they even notice. So damn good!

Veggie Heaven (Totally Vegan)
Dine-in, Sit-down
This place is an old Austin staple. I am not a UT grad, so I don’t really have a soft spot for them. But I can definitely see how this would be a college dorm room favorite. It’s 100% take-out chinese food. Like the kind you grab at 2am on the way home from the bar. Or the kind the lawyers are always eating in a hurry on TV crime drams. Ya know, with the chop sticks and they only ever finish half? Like Tom Cruise in the Grisham movies. Anyway, it’s good. Lots of fried food and loads of fake meats, which aren’t my favorite. Know what you’re getting into. It is take-out chinese, not a raw food juice bar.

Arlo’s (Totally Vegan)
Food Trailer
The BEST veggie burger in town. And I mean the best for real because they actually just won BEST in AMERICA! So, you must go. And bring your meat-eating friends and family and order them the Bac’n Cheeze Burger with side of tater tots. They might just go full on vegan right then and there!

Conscious Cravings (Totally Vegan) – same parking lot as meat-loving Torchy’s, in case you need a place to eat with meat-eaters
Food Trailer
I have only eaten here once. But it was great. Simple wraps and salads. It’s located in the same parking lot as Torchy’s, so if your friends and family are dying for Torchy’s tacos, you can easily go here so everyone can eat since Torchy’s has zero vegan options.

Mr. Natural (Totally Vegan)
Oh gosh, I’m going to get in trouble here. I haven’t been here either. But come to think of it, Mr. Natural might actually be the first vegetarian joint in Austin. This place has everything! Full brunch, full Thanksgiving! Just because I haven’t been doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Go! I promise I’ll get there soon.

Totally Vegetarian

Mother’s Café and Garden (Totally Vegetarian)
Dine-in, Sit-down
This one has been around for a very, very long time as well. I mean, “long time” in vegan terms, which is FOREVER if it exceeds 5 years. The vegan queso here is THE BEST I have ever had. And the tempeh enchiladas are my favorite. They probably tie with Bouldin Creek’s enchiladas in my book. And get the chocolate cake with Sweet Ritual’s vegan vanilla ice cream! I scream! Yay!

Bouldin Creek Cafe (Totally Vegetarian)
Dine-in, Sit-down
I love this place. They can and will pretty much veganize anything. Try the grilled cheese. It’s excellent! Or the enchiladas if they’re still on the menu. OMG.

Thai Fresh (Totally Vegetarian)
Dine-in, Sit-down
Probably the best Thai food in town. Not the world, just in town. But boy is it good! Great place to take family or friends because, duh, it’s Thai. Who doesn’t love Thai food?

Has Some Vegan Selections

Kerbey Lane Cafe (Has Some Vegan Selections)
Dine-in, Sit-down
I really do love their vegan pancakes. And their vegan breakfast sausage is great too. This is a great option for friends and family.

The Steeping Room (Has Some Vegan Selections)
Dine-in, Sit-down
I really like this place. The food is really clean and fresh.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Has Some Vegan Selections)
Dine-in, Sit-down
I tried to go here a few times. But the damn line is so long! I hear the vegan option is to-die-for. I’ll get there soon.

Via 313 (Has Some Vegan Selections)
Dine-in, Sit-down, To-go
I grew up outside Detroit, so I ate this kind of Detroit-style pizze all the time growing up. And it is the best. By far, the best. It’s square and crispy on the edges and soft in the center. Oh my. The vegan choice is excellent. I recommend getting extra chesse – but they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for it.


Those are my favorites off the top of my head! I’ll add more as I remember them!

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