Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses

Now, if you read one of my previous posts about Calcium, you’ll see that since the bike accident, I have been making effort get more of it. One of my new food items is Blackstrap Molasses. I have liked molasses now for a long time. I tried it many, many years ago in muffin recipe and was instantly intrigued by this thick, syrupy goo. It has some serious health benefits!

A 2-teaspoon serving:

  • contains 2.39 milligrams of iron which is 13.3% of the daily recommended amount
  • contains 117.6 milligrams of calcium which is 11.8% of the daily recommended amount
  • contains 18% of the daily requirements of manganese
  • has 14% of the daily requirements of copper
  • has 10% of the daily requirements for potassium
  • also contains magnesium, selenium, vitamin B-6 and niacin 

So, how the heck do you use Blackstrap Molasses? 

  • Use it in baked goods as a supplement or replacement for sugar.
  • Add a Tbsp to a smoothie
  • Add a dollop on oatmeal or pancakes
  • Use as sugar replacement in sauces


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